Deep Clinical Systems Development Expertise Applied to Your Project Specifications

In 2000, SynteractHCR developed its first clinical systems, a phone based IVRS, with development of a Palm Pilot application following soon after. Our 15+ years of interactive response technology (IRT) experience includes developing:

  • Both phone and web based IVRS and IWRS systems (also known as
    RTSM systems).
  • Over 90 clinical applications with our primary focus on web based
    systems (IWRS).
  • Our proprietary SynterActive IWRS platform.
  • Numerous custom clinical software systems which have successfully
    met the requirements of our clients.

Experienced Team and Customer-Requirements Driven Processes
Whether you need a custom featured IWRS or have an idea for software that automates an inefficient, costly manual process, our team of clinical system programmers and biostatisticians can deliver unique features and custom clinical applications to help manage your clinical trial.

We know clinical trials rarely go as planned. Protocol amendments, enrollment challenges, drug supply delays occur. When they do, we can provide guidance, based on our deep understanding of software development, randomization, and trial supply management, to keep your project on track.

As an extension of our client’s team we provide:

  • Access to 24/7/365 support, tracking requests from receipt to completion.
  • Direct access to their team lead and backup.
  • A collaborative approach, sharing knowledge and tasks across projects.

SynteractHCR has successfully implemented IWRS with sites in 40 countries. Our Clinical Technology services can be customized to provide the exact level of functionality required for your study using our internally developed SynterActive System or Medidata Balance RTSM. Our team is well versed in both these systems. Click here to learn more.

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