Syncoder™ Delivers Consistent Medical Coding

As a full-service clinical research organization, SynteractHCR provides high quality data management for clinical trials, flexible tools and strong expertise to help you manage the coding and reporting of your project’s adverse events, medical history, concomitant medications and other related data. Syncoder™, our proprietary software application, enables you to make expedited and informed decisions about your study data and your product’s safety profile.

SynCoder is a SAS application that provides a complete computing environment for managing the coding and reporting of clinical data. SynCoder utilizes MedDRA for coding adverse events and WHODDE for coding concomitant medications.

Supporting Coding Thesauruses:

  • MedDRA (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities)
  • WHODDE (WHO Drug Dictionary)

Search and Navigation Utilities:

  • Look-up Dictionary Terms
  • Drill-down to Specific Dictionary Terms
  • View Hierarchical Dictionary Structure
  • Output Results to RTF Report Format

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